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Complete home & travel workout kit
Alongside the AQUA LIFT bags we’ve also included resistance bands for additional workouts and a free app with over 50 exercises.
Unique feature - Splits into two dumbbells
AQUA LIFT is unique in that it has a zip that allows you to split the full tank into two separate dumbbells, more than doubling the number of workouts available to you.
Fully adjustable
With weight lines from 2.5kg up to 10kg on each bag you can easily identify how much weight you are lifting & track progress over time.
Take AQUA LIFT wherever you go
AQUA LIFT allows you to train anywhere, any time. Packing down to less than 2kg, pop it in your suitcase and when you arrive simply fill with water and let the workout begin.

The Complete Exercise Kit

"I use Aqua Lift's in my personal training sessions, it provides a portable, flexible way to workout outdoors with dynamc weight. My clients love it! Highly recommend!"


Alex Burgess

Personal Trainer

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Train with the Aqua Lift App

  • 50+ AQUA LIFT exercises at your fingertips

  • Create custom workouts to match your goals
  • Compete in exciting challenges and competitions
  • Watch our tips and tutorials
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